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Interpreter Pages

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*2019-2020 WORK SCHEDULE*         

We conduct Field Investigations in 2 locations in Prince William County,VA

Field Lessons are in RED below maps

Manassas National Battlefield Park

located in the Bull Run Watershed


Prince William County Watersheds


Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

located in the Marumsco Creek Watershed


Water Chemistry both sites

Expert Cards

Water Chemistry parameters background info

Sedimentation Blues

How/where GMU Water Quality Data is Collected

What GMU sonde measures & why we care

Ches Bay Buoys

Secchi Disk Simulator

Training Videos

How Nutrients are Measured in the Bay


View Pr. Wm watersheds up close:  

Prince William County Mapper

Once opened, enter the name of the school in the search bar.  The name of the local watershed will appear on the map alongside the school location.

Wetland Challenge - both sites


Battlefield Wetlands

Forested Buffer Benefits

Watershed Management Game

The UOSA sewage treatment plant in Centerville, is unique in that the highly treated sewage output supplies roughly 20% of the inflow into the Occoquan Reservoir, which Fairfax Water uptakes and sends as drinking water to many homes   This treated sewage effluent is actually far cleaner than the stream sources that flow into the Occoquan Reservoir. 

 Occoquan Monitoring Lab

Ecology of Gunston Cove

Where Occoquan Watershed is sampled

Water Treatment in PWC

Understanding our drinking water

Macroinvertebrates both sites

Questions to stimulate discussion

WV Invert ID

Cacapon Institute Invertebrate ID

Benthic Macroinvertibrate Portal

Training Videos

Biotic Index

Aquatic Insects of Central VA, Bob Hendricks really knows his stream bugs!

Great Macroinvertebrate stories

How dragonflies feed: video

How dragonflies metamorphose: video

Chesapeake Bay Report Card



Watershed Runoff Race-Occoquan

Our Watershed (kid version)

Ches Bay Fieldscope on left, at bottom of list select satellite imagery or topo map. Click on Flow path, select/click a location on map and observe path water takes to the Bay.  Play with other layers!





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