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High School

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This is the location for high school teachers in Prince William County, Virginia, to access watershed educational resources provided by the GMU/Prince William County B-WET program. Below you'll find: 



For questions, please email or contact Ms. Joy Greene <GREENEJE@pwcs.edu>, E.A.G.L.E.S (Eastern Area Grounds for Learning Environmental Science) Center Coordinator for PWCS.




Teaching Materials


Curriculum Guide:

From the Mountains to the Estuary; from the Schoolyard to the Bay,

Meaning Watershed Experiences for High School Students

by J. Greene, R.C. Jones,C. Smith, & D. Sklarew [ed.] (2011)

in Microsoft Word [.doc] file


LiveBinder, the GMU B-Wet Resources site, (Extensive collection of online resources)


Chesapeake Bay TMDL2011 update ppt


Watershed Jeopardy ppt



Schoolyard Topo Map in PWC Mapper link   Directions for Calculating Schoolyard Area

      Remember go to Layers>Environment>unclick Parks to get rid of green

     Contours: Type school address, click on Map View; Under Layers: turn on contours

Maps of your schoolyard (in ABC order, by school name)

Chesapeake Bay FieldScope  -  How to Calculate Flow Path from School in FieldScope  

Access Live Water Quality Data from Local Buoys: Potomac Online Data System    Water Quality Gauges Explained

 Field Investigations


provided by the:

Alice Ferguson Foundation's

Bridging the Watershed Program


For Information and to schedule a field experience click here


One may also access specific lesson plans and updates via the following list of contents in brief:


Curriculum Guide Contents in Brief


Download the entire booklet here in .doc or .pdf format. 

Download individual lesson plans in either format below.


Boundaries of Our Watershed


     1. Understanding Topographic Maps Lesson  .doc  .pdf

               Topographic Map ppt

     2. Watershed Overview  .doc  .pdf


State of the Bay


     3. Issues Affecting the Chesapeake Bay  .doc  .pdf

               Ches Bay TMDL 2011 ppt      Ches Bay after 2011 hurricane     

     4. Data from the Field, using PEREC weather & water quality buoys  .doc  .pdf

               PEREC Data Buoys 


Human Impacts and Stewardship – Making a Difference


     5. Investigating Human Impact; Design Your Own Water Filter  .doc  .pdf


     6. Student Stewardship Project  .doc  .pdf

          Stewardship Ideas ppt    also see stewardship tabs in Livebinder GMU B-Wet Resources


Appendix (Includes: Garmin eTrex GPS Unit and Getting Started with Vernier Probeware)  .doc  .pdf





This document was made possible through a partnership of –


The Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center (PEREC),

Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University (GMU):


Dann Sklarew, Ph.D., PEREC Associate Director

          R. Christian Jones, Ph.D., PEREC Director

          Cynthia B. Smith, Ph.D., PEREC Education Director


Prince William County Public Schools, Office of Science and Family Life:


Jason Calhoun, M.S., Supervisor of Science & Family Life

          Joy Greene, M.S., Coordinator E.A.G.L.E.S.Center (Eastern Area Grounds for Learning Environmental Science)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Chesapeake Bay Office:


          Kevin Schabow, Education Program Manager


Along with the teachers and students who provide their ongoing insights to its continual improvement.





Additional Teaching Materials



Workshop Evaluation Forms


A summary of participant evaluations will also be provided here.

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